WP2 Primary Care

WP2 will provide the required evidence for optimizing antibiotic prescription for uncomplicated UTI in primary care where most Gram-negative infections are treated. This strategy has the potential to markedly reduce both overall antibiotic use, as well as unnecessary usage of broad-spectrum antibiotics.

In WP2 we will utilise the best currently available Point of Care Test POCT (Flexicult, SSI) that enumerates and identifies Gram-negative pathogens and their antibiotic resistance profile. This POCT will be optimally developed for diagnosing MDR-GNB and adjusted to encompass heterogeneity of resistance in different countries.

A Randomised controlled trial (RCT) will be performed in primary care to evaluate the effects of a POCT-based management strategy in improving antibiotic prescription in women with uncomplicated UTI.

The study will be implemented in four EU countries: Wales (partner 8, CU), England (partner 9, SU), the Netherlands (partner 1, UMCU) and Spain (partner 10, semFYC).