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Project Partners

R-GNOSIS is coordinated by Marc Bonten (UMC Utrecht) and brings together a multidisciplinary team with complementary expertise of clinicians, microbiologists and epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, caregivers in inpatient care and mathematical modellers. The R-GNOSIS consortium is made of 19 partners from 9 countries which include United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Israel.



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Organizational Activities

Created in 1987, ARTTIC is a European provider of management services for international collaborative R&D projects. The ARTTIC group comprises several companies based in France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom and Israel. ARTTIC's total staff adds up to about 50 persons, all specialised in the provision of advice and practical assistance in all aspects of international R&D collaborations. Services include helping clients to elaborate their strategy for private-public R&D partnerships, establishing project feasibility, managing proposal development, finding partners to establish international consortia, helping to settle contracts, taking care of project management, and helping to successfully disseminate and exploit project results.

In R-GNOSIS, ARTTIC will constitute the Project Office and will as such be in charge of the project management and provide methods, tools and operational support for the collaboration within the consortium.

Role in the Project

Key Personnel

Carlos Triay is a senior consultant working with ARTTIC in Paris since June 1996. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Mechanical Engineering Degrees from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York (USA). He is experienced in co-ordinating large networks and projects of technical and scientific experts in the fields of transportation, nano-technologies, high performance computing, e-learning, e-commerce and smart cards. He worked for Bureau Veritas in France from 1989 to 1996 on its Research and Development Centre, for the Industry International Division, and for its R.A.M.S. unit. As a Research Engineer, he worked on National and International Projects concerning non-homogeneous materials and computer simulation and modelling. He worked in the past for McNeil Company (1985, 1986), a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, on the qualification and certification of pharmaceutical equipment and installations in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, and with Bermudez & Longo (1987), an engineering firm in Puerto Rico, where he managed projects aimed at the upgrading of waste water treatment plants. - no image description is available -

Andrea Kuperberg joined ARTTIC in June 2006 and holds the position of Project Manager. In the last 10 years, she has been involved in the set-up and management of many EU research projects, mainly in the field of Nanotechnologies, IT and Health. She successfully handled different aspects of the project management activities and provided support to various consortia with the organisation, administrative, financial and legal matters. She is currently involved in the management of the R-GNOSIS (FP7-Health) and the HYCARUS (FCH JU) projects.

Before joining ARTTIC, Andrea worked for the European Economic and Social Committee within the Hungarian translation unit in Brussels.

In 2000, she obtained her Multilingual Master of "Linguistics and Literature studies" at the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences in Budapest, Hungary.

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