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Project Partners

R-GNOSIS is coordinated by Marc Bonten (UMC Utrecht) and brings together a multidisciplinary team with complementary expertise of clinicians, microbiologists and epidemiologists, infectious disease specialists, caregivers in inpatient care and mathematical modellers. The R-GNOSIS consortium is made of 19 partners from 9 countries which include United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland and Israel.

University of Geneva, UniGE, CH

University of Geneva, UniGE, CH

Further Information :

Organizational Activities

The University of Geneva (UniGe), hosts a 2,200-bed health care centre (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève) providing primary and tertiary care for Geneva, and several experts (Profs Harbarth, Pittet and Schrenzel) who have generated ground-breaking articles in the field of antibiotic resistance and infection control. The investigators are already coordinating or participating in several international EC-funded projects (SATURN, Prohibit, MOSAR, CHAMP, MagRSA).

Role in the Project

Key Personnel

Stephan Harbarth (MD, MS) is the scientist in charge of WP3 of this proposal. He is also coordinator of SATURN and supervises WP3 of SATURN. He is a well-known infectious disease epidemiologist with extensive research experience in the field of antimicrobial use and resistance. In the past, he has devoted substantial efforts toward control of resistance through improved antibiotic use and diagnostic tests. He was recipient of the Young Investigator Awards by the Swiss Society of Infectious Diseases, the European Society of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and the American Society of Microbiology for research excellence and scientific promise. He is currently hospital epidemiologist, board-certified attending physician in infectious diseases and senior registrar, with more than 100 original articles in peer-reviewed journals as 1st, 2nd or last author. - no image description is available -
Didier Pittet (MD, MS) is an internationally recognized opinion leader in the field of infection control and has published more than 150 original articles in peer-reviewed journals. In particular, he is an expert in the epidemiology of nosocomial infections, involved in a number of national and international scientific collaborations.  He is chairperson of the 2005-2006 “Global Patient Safety Challenge”, a major component of the WHO World Alliance for Patient Safety. - no image description is available -
Jacques Schrenzel (MD) is director of the bacteriology laboratory and head of the genomic research laboratory ( at UniGe. He is coordinator of the STREP program MagRSA dedicated to the development of a POCT system for MRSA screening. He is also WP1 leader of the COST Action B28 on micro-arrays for BSL3 and BSL4 pathogens. His work focuses on the study of bacterial resistance and pathogenesis at the genomic level. - no image description is available -