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54th ICAAC - 5-9 September 2014 - Washington, DC, USA

54th ICAAC - 5-9 September 2014 - Washington, DC, USA

Location: Washington, DC, USA | Duration: 5 days

ICAAC, the premier conference on antimicrobial agents and infectious diseases, showcases the latest-breaking science and lectures from top researchers from around the world. With over 60% of its attendees living outside of the United States, ICAAC provides a rare opportunity to bring together the field’s foremost leaders to discuss the state of infection control and prevention on a global scale.

Through oral and poster presentations, 10,000 physicians, clinical microbiologists, researchers, and pharmacists will come together to share their research, discover the latest breakthroughs, and work towards fostering global solutions to the problems of infectious diseases and antimicrobial agents.

Presentation from R-GNOSIS member Prof Rafael Cantón:

Cantón R Carbapenem Resistance for Clinicians: MIC, Mechanism, What Matters? 54th ICAAC 2014, 5-9 September 2014, Washington, DC, USA, C-516


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